Surface Roughness Reference Standards


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High quality Surface Roughness calibration standard for portable surface roughness gauges.

Ra values of 119.5 and 16.1; individually serialized and available certified to NIST.

The Phase II surface roughness Reference Standard provides a reliable calibration tool which permits the technician to calibrate surface analyzing equipment to its peak efficiency.

The SRG4600-500 surface roughness reference standard shows the actual patch mean values of low and high microinch surfaces.

The surface of the Precision Surface Roughness Reference Standard consists of a series of parallel, uniform, “V-shaped” grooves having an included angle of 150° between the sides.

Since the surface character of the Surface Roughness Precision Reference Standard is unlike normally machined surfaces, it is not recommended for use in visual and actual comparison.

Supplied with protective carry case

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SRG4600-500, SRG4600-505